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Job Category: Education Opportunities
Job experience: none
Job location: Other
Expiration Date: 29 Jan 2016

Cabo Verde has a distinct natural history, and much of the country's biodiversity has yet to be explored and discovered. In addition to the aesthetic, spiritual, educational and cultural value offered, the natural heritage of these islands has the ability to provide unique economic opportunities for the people of Cabo Verde.  Working in community development is perhaps one of the most in-demand, challenging, and diverse volunteer opportunities available on a global scale today.

As a volunteer you will have an assistant role in the design and implementation of a variety of environmental educational activities to help to facilitate sustainable development for the community utilizing local resources and by providing them with the education and skills they need to empower themselves to be self- sufficient. You’ll have the possibility to work with kids and in local community projects.

When volunteering abroad with children you can expect to be welcomed with open arms, literally. Children are fascinated by foreigners in almost every country, so most children will be eager to learn about your culture and language and spend time getting to know you. Through this playful exchange of cultural customs, you will get to know the children and the local culture on a much deeper level. Becoming a Community Volunteer helps you contribute in preserving some unique and special ways of life and helping people achieve a common goal.

This project is perfect for anyone who's ready for a challenge, loves spending time with children and has lots of energy. You will be having fun and making new friends.

You will have also the opportunity to help the project doing some patrols in the beaches at night with other rangers in order to deter hunters and ensure the turtle can nest safely. During patrols, you will also assist with important fieldwork activities, including tagging and measuring turtles, and relocation and excavation of nests.  During the month of August onward, you may be asked to do an overnight shift in the project hatchery monitoring the nests that are due to hatch and releasing the hatchlings in nearby beaches.

With this experience you’ll learn about turtle conservation techniques and will have the opportunity to make a real difference to the survival of marine turtles.

Community volunteers are based in an apartment in Santa Maria, but will also spend some days and nights in the field camp while joining the field team. Volunteers work six days each week and will have 1 day/night off to explore the island, enjoy diving, surfing and other water sports, or just lay on the beach and relax!

Living under these conditions can be challenging, extremely tiring and stressful, and will include work both at night and during the day. A good level of fitness and physical and mental energy is required as patrols are long (possibly all night), conducted on foot and may be as long as 15km.


  • Desire to participate in conservation
  • At least 18 years old
  • Understand written and spoken English and Portuguese
  • Good level of physical fitness
  • High level of energy and flexibility
  • Able to cope with physically challenging conditions (camping, long walks, late nights, hot weather, insects)
  • Previous experience in educational programmes or studies related to education
  • Ability to work and live with people of different backgrounds and nationalities

Volunteer Contributions:
Volunteer’s contributions cover accommodations, utilities such as water and electricity, and meals during your time spend on the field camp. Please note that water and basic meals are provided in the camp. Volunteer contributions also provide critical funds needed to support basic but essential needs of the project, allowing us to patrol the beaches more effectively, and ultimately protect more turtles.

1 Month: €300
50€ for each additional week beyond 1 month.

Volunteers will be provided with accommodation during their stay. Meals will be provided to volunteers only during their time in camp. In addition to meals and accommodation, spending time in the project will give you an incredible opportunity to work closely with marine turtles and directly contribute to their conservation. You will gain valuable fieldwork experience, and be exposed to a wide range of cultures and backgrounds during your time with us.

Minimum one month. The period goes from 1 July until 20 October. Volunteers can apply at any point throughout the season.

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